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LaVant Wooten

UCLA 1986

My name is LaVant Wooten and I am seeking Re-election to the position of Treasurer of the UCLA Black Alumni Association (UBAA). 

In 2008, I successfully ran for Treasurer of UBAA and inherited an organization in financial crisis. UBAA, as a non-profit, hadn’t filed Federal 990 Taxes and 199 California Exempt Organization Information returns from the previous 3 years, which if not filed, would jeopardize UBAA’s non-profit status. In addition, UBAA owed creditors, which caught the eye of the UCLA Compliance Office. In addition, there was less than $1000 in the UBAA Checking Account. There was no accounting for a best guess 45 paid lifetime UBAA members, and overall trust of UBAA to handle financial matters was
poor among UBAA Alumni. 

As Treasurer, I immediately implemented financial constraints necessary to pay our creditors, rebuild lifetime membership accounting, instituted a strict budgeting process, filed all necessary back taxes and related filings, and worked with the UBAA board to mend relations and re-established trust with the UCLA Compliance Office. Today, UBAA is in great financial shape, is compliant with all Federal and State filings, and has a fantastic relationship with UCLA. 

I was re-elected as Treasurer for the last 6 terms and continue serving into 2023. I also serve as the Financial Officer for the UCLA Legacy Scholarship Program (almost 14 million in Scholarships since 2008), provide financial assistance on several annual events, and make sure UBAA is compliant with UCLA on an annual basis, in addition to the normal duties of Treasurer.

I thank you for your consideration and hope to re-elect me as Treasurer for the upcoming term. 

LaVant Wooten

Kiry Kemp

UCLA 2017

Dear UBAA:

As a proud UCLA alumnus and a seasoned professional in operations and financial management, I am excited to submit my application for the Treasurer position with the UCLA Black Alumni Association (UBAA). My background as Head of Operations at Stemuli and Co-Founder/COO of Oppti has equipped
me with a keen understanding of financial stewardship, aligning perfectly with the responsibilities of the UBAA Treasurer.

My career has been characterized by my dedication to fiscal responsibility and strategic financial oversight. At Oppti, I directed the financial strategy, scaling operations to serve over 100k students and managing intricate budgets—a testament to my capacity to handle UBAA's accounting requirements with precision.

The financial acumen developed through managing multi-departmental budgets and financial reporting at Deloitte Consulting will be instrumental in generating accurate financial statements for UBAA. This experience has sharpened my skills in budgeting, preparing for annual tax returns, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations—key responsibilities of the Treasurer role.

I have a proven track record in inventory management and financial operations, including managing receipts, invoices, and payments. My analytical skills are complemented by robust project management capabilities, essential for overseeing UBAA's short-term project budgets and scholarship funds.

In my previous roles, I have effectively collaborated with various teams to develop budgets that support organizational goals, a skill I look forward to leveraging to help UBAA achieve its financial objectives. I am dedicated to maintaining transparency and fostering financial growth, ensuring that UBAA's resources
are managed effectively to support our mission of empowerment within the Black alumni community.

I look forward to contributing my strategic financial expertise and passion for alumni engagement to UBAA. Thank you for your consideration.


Khiry Kemp

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