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The UBAA Winston C. Doby Legacy Scholarship Fund


The UCLA Black Alumni Association is helping to preserve the legacy of African-American students at UCLA. Through the efforts of former Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Winston C. Doby and since 2007, over 800 donors have participated in an effort that has raised nearly 13 million dollars. Over 1100 African-American students have benefitted from this effort receiving scholarships ranging from a one year scholarship of $1,000 to multi-year scholarships of up to $40,000. This effort has resulted in an increase in the admit numbers of African-American/Black students coming to UCLA since the devastating fall resulting from Proposition 209.

UBAA has partnered with the California Community Foundation to manage our scholarship fund. Through this partnership, you may make a single or recurring contribution to support this effort. With your assistance, we will be able to provide every entering African-American student with a scholarship. Visit this link to make your recurring or

one-time tax deductible donation today:




If you would like to mail a check to support this effort, please make it payable to:

California Community Foundation
With “UBAA Legacy Scholarship” written on the memo line to:
P.O. Box 83422
Los Angeles, CA 90083

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