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Support the legacy of empowerment at UCLA. As the Mother Organization and Student-Initiated Program Alumni Association (MOSIPAA), we bridge our shared past experiences with present initiatives, fostering community building and growth. Your contribution aids in alumni engagement, alumni professional and personal development, student support, and community advocacy. Join us in ensuring the alumni of the mother organizations and student-initiated retention and access programs at UCLA can tap into our collective strengths and resources to support one another and current students. Every donation fortifies our collective impact and creates the foundation of building a more connected and impactful alumni community. Donations will contribute to programmatic and operational expenses as we build the organization. Thank you!


*When submitting donations, please be sure to note “MOSIPAA” in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section.*


Please include your street address, city, state, and zip code in the comment section for any donation tax processing. The UCLA Black Alumni Association has graciously partnered with MOSIPAA as we build our financial infrastructure to process donations and payment on behalf of MOSIPAA. All funds will be directed to MOSIPAA programming and operations. 

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