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VP of Social & Volunteer Programming

Olivia Page

UCLA 2016

My name is Olivia Page, and I am running for Vice President of Social and Volunteer Programs. As a young alumna, I recognize the need for UBAA to boost participation and engagement from my peers and am interested in bridging the gap. I was heavily involved in organizations that served Black students during my time at UCLA, including Afrikan Student Union (ASU), Black Pre-Health Organization, Black Campus Ministries, Admit Weekend, and Afro Grad.  During my time as Membership Coordinator for ASU, I created a quarterly membership engagement survey that received over 200 responses and helped our staff plan events and advocate for resources based on the current needs of our members. As Vice President of ASU, I oversaw Harambee council and collaborated with leaders of different organizations to plan events such as Black Wednesday, Black Bruin Welcome Week, and Admit Weekend. These experiences strengthened my skills in event planning, organization, communication, and time-management, which are all essential for this role. My proximity to Black alumni most underrepresented in UBAA as well as my past leadership experience position me to be an excellent candidate for this position. I look forward to working with you all to strengthen and retain membership for the next generations of Bruins.  

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