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The Honeymoon...

Intellectual Exchange...the Black Bruin Way!

If there is one thing for certain its that for many of us, we are still very much 'in love' with our 44th president. The first gathering of the UBAA Literary Book Club Series 'I (HEART) Obama gave attendees the chance to express thoughts ranging from the first time they heard Barack Obama to the first time they really thought he could win the nomination to the emotional roller coaster of his run and ultimate win. Erin Aubry Kaplan shared keen insight into the closeted adoration Black people had to have in public, the Superman/Kent duality of Obama, his sexuality and his transformative affect on the psyche of Black people.

In the second Chat and Chew gathering on Saturday April 15th, we will engage debate on Obama's Fulfillment of Black History and his successful extension of the tradition of Martin and Malcolm. Check out the event gallery for photos from this event and be sure to RSVP for the next!

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